My name is Supawadee Wangchalaborwon but you can call me Nong. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Thammasat University and a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from Chulalongkorn University. I’ve just finished another Master’s in Teaching Thai from Ramkhamhaeng University.

I am a native Thai speaker. I have been teaching Thai as a foreign language for 7 years. I have experience with all levels, from novice learners to advanced; children to adult. I teach Thai as a freelancer presently.

You can also check out my teaching style on YouTube by clicking the following links.


If you are interested in studying Thai with me or even discusss something interesting about Thai language, please email me at krunongpasathai@gmail.com

If you are totally a beginner, you can also visit my Instragram; krunongpaasaathai. I try my best to post ready-to-use and useful Thai for survioval.

I hope that you enjoy learning Thai. 🙂