Know Me

My name is Supawadee Wangchalaborwon but you can call me Nong. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Thammasat University and a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from Chulalongkorn University. Now I’m studying Teaching Thai as a Master’s in Ramkhamhaeng University.

I am a native Thai speaker. I have been teaching Thai language as a foreign language for 6 years.I have taught any levels any class sizes. I have experiences in teaching adults as well as kids. I become a freelance teacher presently.

You can also check out my teaching style on YouTube by clicking the following links.

In the meantime, I translate English to Thai for websites and Facebook pages as a part of my job. I sometimes translate official documents such as a birth certificate or a house registration. I also translate a proposal or a research paper.

If you are interested in studying Thai with me or hire me to translate your documents, please email me at